Innovative workshops for a healthy and dynamic workplace

The initiative is aimed at improving the general well-being of personnel and promoting the culture of well-being at work.

The workshops merge a variety of approaches and different techniques with a special focus on expressive therapy. Recent studies show that expressive therapy can be very effective in helping to deal with stress.

The dynamic workshop”endorses the creative process of making art, such as painting and drawing, to improve someone’s physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Promoting a well-being culture at work is crucial to build up working environments where employees can work enthusiastically and enjoy ever-increasing job satisfaction. A poor organisational environment may lead to an increase of absenteeism and turnover due to health problems or episodes of burn-out under the worst-case scenario.

Promoting and maintaining the physical, psychological and social workers well-being is a key factor for institutions or companies to consider when striving to increase productivity, employee engagement, employee retention and widespread collaboration.

Stress at work

About stress at work

Work-related stress is one of the major contemporary challenges related to occupational health and safety.  Recent studies suggest that the demand for stress prevention activities is growing in all European countries and across all types of organizations.

Why is art the perfect tool to tackle stress in international organizations?

Art is a universal language.

International organizations have a unique multicultural and multilingual environment, where workers share common values and common goals.

Why invest in stress prevention?

Stress at work can be actively prevented. A set of ad-hoc workshops are proposed to tackle possible conflict issues at early stage. 

What are the benefits of these workshops?

A more productive, peaceful and dynamic workplace.


“Dynamic workshop” is a set of workshops created specifically for institutions, international organizations, and companies in order to facilitate stress prevention and teambuilding.

Why the dynamic atelier is a very effective tool for improving well-being at work?

  • Everyone can take part to the workshops and can benefit from it.
  • The workshops encourage creativity and self-expression. Participants do not need previous experience or a specific interest in the arts.
  • Workshops can take place in a variety of different settings at any time. Moreover, through specific exercises is possible to tackle together most common work-related issues, such as time management or conflict management.The workshops are specifically designed to involve physical movement. This is why are called “dynamic” workshops.
  • The workshops offer different way of expression through art beyond verbal expression. They offer a space for reflexion and discovery without the dominant use of language, as participants are not required to verbalize their emotions.


Dynamic workshops

  • Teambuilding exercises
  • Workshops for managers
  • Workshops dedicated to HR specialists
  • Brainstorming techniques

In details:

  • Stress prevention
  • Management core skills
  • Team dynamics
  • “Resettlement” and “Mobility”
  • “Being expat” and “Newcomers”
  • Sharing “common values and common goals”


Author of the project:

Sara Del Bene


Organisational well-being consultant based in Brussels.


Previous professional experience in international institutions in Brussels (European Commission),  and New York (United Nations).


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